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On this site you will find…

  • Articles on Lease-Option and other forms of seller-financing
  • Articles on the SAFE Act and Dodd-Frank Act
  • Examples of L-O Transactions
  • Documents which include structuring L-O transactions and copies of L-O contracts used by the author.


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Updates and Revisions to This Site

9/4/2011 – Added articles on HUD SAFE Act Final Rule & Dodd-Frank.

5/5/2011 – Added list of BDM’s and “Major Contributors” page.

4/26/2011 – Site published with articles on SAFE Act and L-O Components, L-O Sales Structure and L-O Contracts.

4/2012 – Added presentations and revised “Information” page

12/2013 – Added articles on Lease-Option, application processing/underwriting, & Pre-Qualification Worksheet

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